Easy Hummus Recipe


What is Hummus? Hummus is a delicious Middle Eastern spread or dip that is traditionally made from Chickpeas (Garbanzo Beans), tahini, lemon, garlic and spices. Traditional hummus is not that difficult to make and in my opinion much better than store-bought. There are only a few ingredients needed to make this easy hummus recipe. Pay attention to the order in which the ingredients are added to your food processor, I think it really does make a difference.

You can use either canned chickpeas or home-cooked (dried and rehydrated) chickpeas, but for a quick version, I stick to the canned variety. Tahini is a sesame seed paste which adds incredible sesame flavor to the hummus, again I use a store bought vs. home made Tahini, for ease. Hummus can be made without tahini but in my opinion is not quite as good.

The recipe below is for a fairly large batch, so if you’re just making it for yourself or for a small group, then halve the recipe. The picture above, is a halved recipe. You can serve this with store bought pita, pita chips, or crackers of your choice, however freshly made pita bread is my preferred go with for this creamy and delicious hummus. You can find my recipe for Pita Bread here


Fast and Easy Vegetarian and Vegan Friendly Dip
Prep Time 10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Course Appetizer
Cuisine Mediterranean, Middle Eastern


  • food processor


  • ½ cup Tahini roasted not raw
  • ½ cup freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • ¼ cup extra virgin Olive Oil plus more for garnishing
  • 2 cloves fresh garlic roughly chopped
  • 2 15 oz cans of chickpeas (garbanzo beans) rinsed and drained
  • ½ cup water
  • ½ tsp salt
  • ½ tsp ground cumin
  • dash sumac or paprika for garnish


  • Process tahini and lemon juice in a food processor until smooth, about 1 minute, scraping down the sides as needed. The mixture should lighten in color and become "whipped" looking
  • Add the olive oil, minced garlic, cumin and salt to the food processor and process for 30 more seconds, again scraping down the sides as necessary until well blended,
  • Drain and rinse the chickpeas, reserve the liquid (aquafaba). You can remove the outer skin if you like at this point. Add the chickpeas to the food processor ½ a can at a time, blending for about 1 minute between each addition, scrape down sides between each addition.
  • After the final addition of chickpeas process for an additional 1 to 2 minutes until smooth and creamy. You may find the mixture too thick. Add water (or aquafaba) 1 tablespoon at a time until your desired consistency is reached.
  • Taste for salt and lemon, and adjust as needed
  • Put some of the fresh Hummus in a serving bowl and drizzle with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and a sprinkle of sumac (or paprika).
  • This can be stored in an air-tight container in the fridge for up to one week. Serve with pita chips or your favorite cracker.


The longer you process the fluffier and smoother it will become. Taste
and add more lemon juice or salt as needed. If it’s too thick add water
until desired consistency is achieved.
Serve with pita or pita chips or crackers.
Pita Chips: cut pita into 12 triangle pieces, spray with oil (or brush with
EVOO) and sprinkle with salt, bake at 375 degrees for 10 min. turning
halfway through, until lightly toasted and brown. let cool and serve with
the fresh Hummus.
Keyword dip, easy, mediterranean, middle eastern, vegetarian
Blended together
Ready to enjoy
With Pita Chips
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